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"City National Bank" Our Glass

"Hasta Encontrarte" Paradiso 

"Target"  Mythology

"City Bank"

"Hole Milk"  Letca 

"Clarisa Show" Paradiso 

"Care Plus" Merge Studios 

"KIA" Voyage Studios 

"Expectrum" Paradiso
"Calvin Klein" Resistance
“Riachuelo’  Bonsai 3

“La Reina Del Sur’ Telemundo  Collaboration
“Loreal" Silver productions
“Justice” Elevated Pictures
“Carrier” Light House Films
“Ford” Luis Fonsi Telemundo
“Acura” 2017 Campaign  Contrast Eye
Firefly “ American Crime Story’  Giani Versace
“Kroger” Kroger productions
“Sunny Delight” Wonderful Content
“Colgate” Blur Productions
“Autonation” Assembly Films
“Ford” Indie House
“Silk Milk”  White List
“Adidas” Biscuit Films Withe List Contest
“Jaguar ESPN” UXentreatment
Wendy’s “America Filmworks”
AARP “ America FilmWorks”
Rado “Clou Productions“
Pepsi “Pretty Bird Productions”
Schweppes “Overseas Productions Services”
Malboro “Native Pictures”
Lair Productions Autism Medicine for Children
Tempt Tatto “FunkyPumpkin”
Life Lux Miami “Deamin Inc”
Leon Medical Center “La Fabrica Films”
McDonalds “Wondros Films”
Ford 2013Kreative Content
Benjamin Moore 2013 CampaignScreen Scape Productions
Tannehil Internet Commercial 2013
Ford 2013 Social Media “Engage Collective”
MTV France/Mobil Paradoxal
ITT Technical Institute 2013 “La Fabrica Films”
Malibu Rum Red “2012 Neyo Burning Up” Robot FilmCompany
Omega “Media Max”
Colgate “Letca”
Victoria Secret 2012 “Taylor & Taylor
ATT 2012 “Directorz”
Leonisa “Cinelog”
Carrera “Uper Cutt”
Visit Florida 2012 “Radical Media”
Magnet Films “Telemundo Series “
MTV APP “Paradoxal” France
SUN TEA “Kreative Content”
FPL “Postmaster Video”
Florida Citrus “Epoch Films”
Buic “Jakan Productions”
M&S “Bright Pictures”
Lincoln “Park Pictures”
Malibu Rum “Decon Productions”
“T Mobil” Milagro Films!
“Olay” Reel Seasons
“Black Berry” Lucid Inc
“Heineken” America Filmworks!
“TD Bank” La Fabrica Films
“ITT Tech School” SoAh Films
“Tim Italy “ Media Max Films
“Visit Florida” Dragon Films
“Toyota” Milagro Films
“Toyota” Post Master Video
“Somfy” France Mediamax Films
“Heineken USA” AmericaFilm Works
“Nestle Water” Letca Films USA Gov. Letca Films
“Tim Cell Phone” 4 Spots Italy Clou Productions
“Sony Viral IOTV” Handle Like Eggs
“Canes Oral” Picture Perfect.
“Garnier World Wide 5 TV “ Spots 2010 No7 Productions & Clou Productions
“Wendys” AmericaFilmworks
“Wallmart” Cineconcepto Lopez Negrete
“FreeTobaco Florida” Green Tea HQ
“Starkist Tuna”Untlited productions 2 Spots
“EA Sports”X Box Tool of North America
“Care Plus”Luminart Productions.
“BURDINES” Broadcast.
“BMW” FMrecords 2005/ 300 series.
“Comex” x Marca Mexico.
“COMEX” Rolling Films Mexico.
“CAMBIO’ PSA Unlimited postanti drug campaign Go3 films.
“Coca-Cola” Lilt Crush MeWorld wide Productions.
“Coors Light” Kree8 Productions.
“The Box Music” Channel.
“Exitos”, New Images
“Alpha 1”Senoy Corporation.
“AT&T” Bolero Films.
“Mega Lotto” Letca Films.
“MACY’S” Uno Productions.
“MCI”, Go3Productions.
“ITT TECH”, La Fabrica Films.
“ Mervyn’s’’ Kree 8productions.
“Coors Light”, 8 productions.
“Hot Pockets”, Clever Films.
“McDonallds USA”, Pigeon Production.
“LPG” Season Productions.
“Marshall’s” New York production.
“Etiquette” Clear image.
”Florida Lotto” Letca Films.
“AT&TUSA Wireless” La Casa Films.
“Victoria” X Marca Films.
“McDonalds”Monarchy Films.
“Jansen Cilag” Sniper Films.
”MCI” GO3 Films.
“Bally’s” Letca Films.
“MACY’S” New York Productions.
“Alpha 1”Senoy Productions.
“Marshalls”Frame By the Artist.
“FERRERO ROCHE” One Productions.
“AT&T Colombia” MV Jet.
“KELLOGGS” Satelite Inc.
“SUNSSPA” Ana Nicole Smith Productions.
“NASCAR” Indi500 Florida.
“Florida Lotto”Letca films.
“Bell South Letca Films.
“Wendy’s” America Film Works.
“Food Lion” 5 SpotsDirectorz.
“Loto-Matica” Clou Productions.
“WINNDIXIE” Broadcast Service Group
“State Farm” Area 51 LA.
“Finra Foundation” StoryFilms .
Diego Morales Location Manager & Location Scout 10 Pages
“ Lives Lynk” Broadcasting Productions.
“Bell South Letca Films.
“Food Lion” 5 SpotsDirectorz.
“PUBLIX” Bridge Street Films,
“PONTIAC” Letca Films 2007 Series.
“Di- Giorno” America Film Works
“Florida Lotto”Letca films.
“ESPN” America Film Works.
“Wendy’s” America Film Works,
“T-Mobil” TV Commercial for Super-Bowl 2007 Epoch Films.
“Dominos Pizza” America Film Works.
“Budweiser” Konk Productions
“ Mc Donald’s” Letca Films,
“Emeraud Building” AFW 2007.
“Almas Gemelas” NBC – Telemundo,
“Movistar” Shoot Florida.
“Target” Kranky Productions,
“Visit Florida” Big Storm Productions
“AmericanArlines” America Film Works
“ Lotto-Matica” Clou Productions
“Loreal” Clou Productions
“Florida Lotto” Letca Films.
“Humaic Shoes” Clou Productions.
“ Ford Campaign” Milagro Films.
“Volks-Waguen” The Company Films.
“Reebok” Paradise Video.
“VodaPhone” Soup Films.
“Chase & Swest Airlines” Harpoon Pictures.
“Christian Dior” Radical Media.
“Wallmart” Picture Perfect.
“Pepsi” Imperialdragon Films.
“Verizon v Cast Street ft. Timbaland” HolmesDof
“Motorola” Clou Productions
“Walmart” H2O Films
“Royal Caribean” Thomas Thomas.
“Honda” America Film Works
“Budweiser” Konk Productions
“Granier” Clou Productions
“Heineken”Americafilm Works
“Samsung” America Films
“Sony” America Filmworks
“Hospice Advantage” Seltzer Productions
“Cablevision” Univision  Merge Studios


"Harry Winston" Select Production

"Sacks 5th Ave" Sacks Fifth  Ave 

'Hill House" Hill House LLC

"Target" Mythology 

"Pink  Victoria Secret" JTR Productions 

"Spryground" Spry Moret 

"Spanex"  Photobomb 

"Logitech"  Logitech 

"Kai Tai" Alerta PA

"Bell Thorne" Sweet & Salty 

'Tommy Bahama" Photo Bomb 

"Tommy Jhon"  Typpi Canoe Productions 

"An Le Milly"  An Le Mily 

"Target" Mytology 

"Pinko" Lolly Wold 
"Tom Ford". The Production

“Gap” 2017 Campaign  North Six
"Dasault “ Location Resources 
Sound Tea “Kreative Kontent”
Japan Top Bag Taylor & Taylor
Malibu Rum Red “2012 Neyo Burning Up” Robot FilmCompany
Men’s Journal Swimming Wear Over Flow Productions
Victoria Secret 2012 Catalog Sumer “Taylor & Taylor”
Brookstone 2011 Catalog KSC Kreate 2011
Japan Bag Summer Taylor & Taylor Catalog 2011
Express 2010 Summer Catalog North Six Productions Photographer Patrick Demarchelier.
Express 2009 Winter Catalog North Six Productions Photographer Patrick Demarchelier.
Sony IO TV 2009 Handle Like Eggs 2009
Guess Print Campaigns Northen Lights Summer 2010.
Lincoln Road Magazine,January ,February ,Mar, Cover.2002.
Loft Magazine, January, February, March and April, June Cover.2003.
Wet Magazine, 2nd 3rdvolumen.
Perdomo Cigars, advertising Campaign.World wide.
Ocean Drive,2nd and 3rd volumen.
Blueberry ,Christmas campaigned 2004 World wide.
900 Building, City of Miami. World Wide.
THE ONE, Building City of Miami. World Wide.
The ICON, Building, City of Miami, Elastic People.
Diego Morales Location Manager & Location Scout 10 Pages
Kenneth Cole North Six Productions NY.
RalphLaurent Winter Catalog Side Up Media 2007. Photographer Bruce Weber
Tom Taylor Summer catalog Concrete And Clay Productions 2007.
Victoria Secret Underwear Side Up-Media Sumer 2007.
Coppertone F/Focus.
Byetta, AmericanRouge Films.
Lantus Snider Productions.
Ralph Laurent Art & Commerce Little Bear. Photographer Bruce Weber.
Gap Rute 7.
Mirapex Peter Productions.

"JC Penny" JC Penny 


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